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Library Resources

Chainsaw Manual Download
Church Preparedness Manual (2012) Download
Feeding Unit Manual Download
ISBIDR Download
Mud-Out Manual Download
Preparing to Serve Manual Download
FORM-PA Verification Form for Volunteer Clearances Download
FORM-Personal Information Form Download
FORM-Release and Indemnity Form Download
FORM-Volunteer Agreement with State Disaster Relief Director Download
Chaplain Training Manual 2016 Download
NJ Verification Form for Volunteer Clearances Download
This form can be submitted by your church leaders verifying that they have up to date clearances on file for you.
Spontaneous Affiliated Volunteer Agreement Download
Agreement for untrained volunteers
How To Pack Download
A packing list from the Ready To Serve manual. Use this when preparing for extended deployments
VIDEO - Feeding Unit Basic Training Download
Basic Feeding Unit Video
Editable Release-Idemnity & Personal Info Sheet Download
For people who choose to fill out the deployment paperwork online and email it to their team leader. This document contains both the Personal Information Form and the Release and Indemnity Form.