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Hurricane Michael Recovery FL/GA 2018-19
Most are aware of the cataclysmic hurricane Michael that has struck FL and GA in Oct. The needs seem overwhelming. Our God’s love however is pouring out through Disaster Relief servant volunteers. Here are some highlights: ** Hundreds of chain saw recovery crews are needed. ** Hundreds of churches between FL and GA will have to be rebuilt. ** The overall land mass destruction has to be more than hurricanes Andrew or Katrina. Many experienced in Disaster Relief have stated they’ve never seen anything like this before. ** In Georgia alone it is as if a tornado the size of 23 counties had struck. ** Even the Florida director of Disaster Relief, Delton Beall’s, house was damaged. ** A FL long-term recovery response center is already being planned so that volunteer teams can go over the next year when available and have housing. ** There is currently a large housing shortage even for volunteers. The state of Florida is setting up base camps. ** Many chaplains are needed. Desperation is on the increase. ** There is an intense need for more feeding units and DR volunteers in Florida- Our multi-state Disaster Relief organizations have more than 16 mobile feeding units set up and more are needed. DR NE is actively recruiting and sending crews. Our first crew to FL is a feeding team. We are committed to assisting in the months ahead by sending recovery crews, cooks, assessors and chaplains. If you would like to help, sign up today. Tim Buehner Director SBC Disaster Relief New England 401-527-2553
Start: Oct. 16, 2018, noon
End: Dec. 29, 2018, noon
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Hurricane Florence Recovery NC/SC 2018-19
NATIONAL DISASTER RELIEF RESPONSE Disaster Relief directors from 20 + states are preparing to respond. We've met over the last few weeks by way of conference call to review preparations and network support. Here are some of the high points: > Numerous recovery units are working. We have pre-purchased supplies for our unit trailers.. > A tremendous amount of volunteers are going to be needed in the weeks to come. > New England will partner with Maryland and Virginia supporting operations in Pollucksville, NC. The church, where operations will be set up, will be cleaned out from being flooded in the first week of Oct. We hope to start sending crews after Oct 20. > If your church wishes to serve and your VOLUNTEERS ARE UNTRAINED, then doors will be open for you to serve as spontaneous mission teams. You will need to sign up through this volunteer hub. Overall, our Disaster Relief New England Ministry wishes to support and serve in this time of need. North and South Carolina and Georgia assisted us greatly this year in our recovery in CT after tornadoes there. We hope to assist them as well. NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN > BLUE HATS -Consider organizing a crew or going to lead a crew. Contact our office if you need assistance in getting trailer units or tow vehicles ready and supplied. > ASSESSORS AND CHAPLAINS will be needed for the first several weeks. Examine your schedule now for when you can go. > YELLOW HATS in every discipline will be needed: Feeding, Flood Recovery, Chain Saw Recovery. Consider your schedule for the next 3 to 4 weeks and see if there is a way to join a crew and deploy for 7 to 10 days. Gather travel gear. Once we have information on locations for operations and more specifics, we'll notify all through alerts. If you have questions, contact:
Start: Oct. 15, 2018, noon
End: Oct. 26, 2018, noon
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